Radiate and Attract

The current Miss International, Precious Lara Quigaman when asked, HOW DO YOU STAY BEAUTIFUL? said:

By exuding a kind and warm personality and attitude to everyone.

In this way, I can be beautiful to them because they’ll like me. After all, being beautiful is not just about looking good in the outside, its also about showing our goodness in the inside.


Some people are not aware that they are using the law of radiation and attraction by merely maintaining a sunny disposition. A friend of mine is not pretty but she got a lot of male admirers that when we attended gatherings, men swarmed like bees wherever she went. She radiated with optimism and contentment that if you do not know the life’s trials she went thru, you would say she is a good actress. But she is not. Her positivism is infectious. Her self-confidence can just lift you to higher levels of expectations.

As expected when you climb the ladder of success or popularity, detractors come by the dozen. But affected, she is not. She likened herself to a moon which continues shining in the dark while dogs continue howling all night.



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8 Comments on “Radiate and Attract”

  1. bayi Says:

    You radiate. Attraction follows naturally.

    Of course, it’s not as easy to radiate because it is an attitude. And the attitude is not an easy one to acquire, say what you like.

  2. haaaa, bayi, my frost commenter.

    I agree with you. How were you able to guess that my next entry will be more on attitude?


  3. Bayi,
    that should have read first and not frost. I am still making at a loss for the features of this template.


  4. bayi Says:

    I thought you wanted to have a pun with you the word! Hehehe… just joking.

    I am currently reading a book called Fish. It’s about bringing an attitude of love to your work. You may not love your work but you can still bring about a positive attitude to your work. It’s fascinating but I am just about 30% done on the book. Let me tell you more if you do blog about attitude in your next post.

    I am a human resource practitioner. I look at human resource, I look for attitude all the time. It means everything to every business enterprise.

  5. bayi Says:

    You knowsomething, Cat? I really like your new blog!

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